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Expert vCFO Services in Manotick & Ottawa

If you already have a solid bookkeeping solution but are looking to derive insights and data from your numbers to make business decisions, Kelly Beck Tax and Accounting virtual CFO solutions are the answer.

A Virtual CFO refers to a financial professional or service that offers businesses high-level financial analysis, strategy, and direction without the requirement for an in-house, full-time CFO. You can make use of the services of a Virtual CFO to analyze your financial data, spot patterns, find untapped opportunities, and identify potential problems.


Virtual CFO solutions use advanced financial tools and expertise to interpret your numbers and turn them into actionable insights. They can support decision-making by assisting you in understanding the financial health of your business, locating key performance indicators (KPIs), and developing financial forecasts. They can also help with budgeting, cash flow management, and financial process optimization.

vCFO Services by Professionals

Mitigate Financial Risks

By choosing a Virtual CFO service at Kelly Beck Tax and Accounting, you can make well-informed business decisions, spot potential areas for growth, and mitigate financial risks. This strategic financial support enables you to concentrate on other important business operations while ensuring that your business is headed in a clear and data-driven route for financial success.


Our vCFO services will help you answer the following questions:


  1. Do we have money to hire employees?
  2. How much cash are we burning each month?
  3. Should we invest in buying a new piece of equipment?
  4. If our revenue is growing so quickly, why is our cash balance so low?
  5. If we continue to grow our business, how much revenue and profit will we make next year?


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