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Helping Architectural and Engineering Business
Owners Grow their Business

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Operating an architectural and engineering business in Ottawa? Our expert bookkeepers and accountants can ensure your books stay up to date and that all your financial statements are in order.


For Ottawa’s infrastructure development to be successful, architects and engineers are essential. We provide a wide range of accounting services to help our architectural and engineering clients manage their resources, maintain compliance and save as much tax as possible. Through careful planning and financial management, we strive to help our clients achieve their long-term objectives.


A client’s dream home or commercial building is meticulously planned out by engineers and architects, but is your CPA making the same effort to grow your business? At Beck Tax and Accounting Services, we have expertise working with architectural and engineering businesses to create plans that will improve the efficiency of their operations. As your advisor, we will offer you consulting services designed to help you understand the complex issues related to managing your business.


Like you, we value creating lasting relationships with our clients. At every stage of your business, we provide a tailored range of services to assist you in achieving your professional objectives.

Our Architectural and Engineering Business Accounting Services

Architectural and engineering business accounting can be quite complex. Managing your finances on your own places an unnecessary burden while you’re trying to run a business.

Our team aims to provide architectural and engineering business owners with true value. We are here to help provide you with a strong base to make informed decisions for the future of your business. We’ll act as consultants to help you grow your business so that you can achieve your goals.

We have worked with a number of architectural and engineering businesses in the Ottawa area to carefully plan and implement business strategies. In collaboration with our clients, we ensure that these strategies are made with direct input to ensure everything aligns with their vision for their business.

Our team can work with you to minimize the expected tax burden for your buisness. We stay up-to-date with CRA’s ever-changing corporate tax regulation to ensure you’re compliant. The process used for tax planning and preparation for a restaurant is much more complex than personal tax. Enjoy a quick and hassle-free tax season when you choose to work with Beck Ltd.

Our cloud accounting services are made to fit your busy schedule as a business owner. Using secure and trusted software, our expert tax accountants will set up an online profile for your business. You’ll be able to access all your financial documents and reports in real-time.

We understand that your schedule is busy and coming to our office to pick up documents is easier said than done! With our cloud accounting services, we can continue to help you grow your business in Ottawa.

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From Filing a Tax Return to Helping Your Business Grow, Beck is Here for You!