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Our Incorporation Services
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Count on Beck’s team of business incorporation experts and our network of legal professionals to get incorporated quickly and properly.

Our incorporation services include:

NUANS name search and reservation

Provincial incorporation

Federal incorporation

Draft first directors meeting

Draft sale of shares to shareholders

Draft annual meeting minutes

Creation of corporate minute book

Preparation of corporate minute book

Mandated provincial annual filings

Mandated federal annual filings

Professional incorporation referrals

The Right Incorporation Solution

The decision to incorporate your business or practice may not be as straight forward as one might think. We’ll help you make the right choices.

Beck Ltd. is registered to incorporate Federal as well as professional incorporations on site. Our professional network includes legal professionals ready to help with partnership agreements, wills-estate planning, general counsel and notary public services. Our firm takes the position that caring for client needs doesn’t end with accounting, tax and operational planning as it relates to new incorporations. For that reason we have taken the required steps to offer a full incorporation solution for your new or expanding business.

Helping Businesses Incorporate
In Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

If you are starting up or expanding by adding corporations to your holdings, our firm is positioned to action your new incorporation needs.

The decision to incorporate your business or practice may not be as straight forward as one might think.

Before carrying out any incorporation the Beck Ltd. staff will sit with clients to gain an understanding of what exactly the purpose of the entity will be. Additionally we will enquire as to the current and future possible ownership structure.

Setting the appropriate incorporation structure in the beginning will allow the entity the ability to grow and operate in a fluid manner that is tax efficient.

Many professionals are legally eligible to incorporate and the benefits can be meaningful.

Each professional body has their own internal set of requirements that need to be specifically adhered to in combination with specific CRA additional limitation and restrictions for incorporating.

The accounting team at Beck Ltd. has the experience with this very particular area to move from a discussion on the merits of incorporation through the actual drafting of the incorporation and prescribed professional body specific applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about business incorporation from our clients:

Incorporating a business offers several advantages. One key reason is that it provides limited liability protection. When you incorporate your business, it separates from its owners and becomes an independent legal entity. Due to this division, the company’s liabilities and legal commitments are typically restricted to its assets, safeguarding the owners’ personal assets.


Additionally, incorporating can improve your company’s professionalism and reputation, increasing its appeal to clients, business partners, and investors.


Additionally, it creates a transparent framework for corporate ownership, administration, and decision-making, which can aid in planning for expansion and succession.

Yes, in most cases, you can choose a business name of your choice when incorporating your business. There are, however, a few rules and recommendations to follow. The name you choose must adhere to the laws and specifications established by the jurisdiction in which you intend to incorporate.


The name should typically be original and unique in the field or region. Additionally, it must not violate any trademarks and must not mislead the general public.


It is advisable to conduct a thorough name search and consult the experts at Kelly Beck to ensure compliance and availability of the chosen business name.

Incorporating your business can potentially offer tax benefits. There are a few general benefits, albeit the specifics may vary depending on the business structure. For instance, businesses could be able to write off a greater range of business expenses, including benefits for workers, travel costs, and some charges directly relevant to their operations. Additionally, they might have access to government tax breaks and incentives that support initiatives like job creation or research and development.


Get in contact with our Ottawa incorporation experts to get all your questions answered.

You must abide by local, state, and federal laws if you choose to incorporate your small business. These rules include financial issues, such as how you declare your income and how you pay dividends to shareholders. Compared to other forms of entities, corporations are taxed differently.


A certified public accountant like Kelly Beck can guide you through the complex financial compliance issues of business incorporation in Ottawa.

From Filing a Tax Return to Helping Your Ottawa & Manotick Business Grow, Beck is Here for You!