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Managerial & Financial Accounting for a Range of Businesses

From established, small-to-medium sized businesses to startups and more, count on our full range of accounting services.

Our accounting services have been designed to cover a wide range of needs reaching in breadth from incorporation to year-end accounting procedures.

The approach is to meet our corporate accounting clients to discuss highlights and challenges of the year and discuss any items of concern, planning and expansion. We do not simply assemble your final figures for the purpose of building financial statements.

Businesses Count on Beck

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The goal at Beck Ltd. is to take the opportunity to learn as much as possible about each client’s business. Through active listening and leading this type of discussion it is common to identify issues, opportunities, threats and areas requiring attention. We then work with our clients as needed on these items until the desired outcome is achieved, or the underlying nature of the task significantly changes.

Our Lineup of Accounting
Services in Ottawa

Our accounting service offers a comprehensive range of services to support busy business owners, self-employed professionals and investors (real-estate and financial portfolios.)

In keeping with our big picture approach; the Beck Ltd team of accountants will evaluate the accounting policy decision of client prepared year-end bookkeeping records.

This is done to ensure consistency and appropriateness of all the small decisions clients make in the bookkeeping process over the year. While individually small, these decisions combine with measure in the year-end accounting process.

This is done to ensure appropriate accounting classification of entries, consistency of decisions year over year and balancing the tax implications of the accounting decisions set against clients growth and financial goals.

Financial statements may be a routine annual process for many but they say so much about how your company is doing, achieving and growing that we build an understanding and analysis process into each statement delivery meeting.

We pride ourselves on the time we take with clients to discuss and explain at a level that clients understand, what the financial statements tell those reading them.

Giving financial statement clients feedback with analysis and focusing on the ability to measure goal achievement and success. Many clients contact us throughout the year with questions relating to goal achievement that all stem from understanding the financial statements.

Startup Accounting is a more involved process where time is used to focus on planning, principally to ensure that a well rounded and efficient plan is there to guide the new business owner to success.

In building this plan we rely on our experience and network of relationships that has been proven to help new businesses through this intensive learning period of growth.

Our true position on startup accounting is one of a business advisor or coach. If your concern is one of numbers, money or strategy we are there to grow with you year round; as needed or with regular check ins.

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We’re proud of the repeat business and word of mouth that the Beck team has earned over the years. Read a few of our many client testimonials to get a better idea how Beck can help you.

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