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Helping Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Grow

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Operating a Non-Profit in Ottawa? Our expert bookkeepers and accountants can ensure your books stay up to date and that all your financial statements are in order.


In the dynamic world of nonprofits, professional accounting and bookkeeping services are paramount. NGOs face unique financial challenges, from managing diverse funding sources to maintaining transparency and accountability. That is where our expert accounting professionals at Kelly Beck Tax and Accounting step in.


With specialized knowledge, we provide invaluable support to NGOs, ensuring accurate financial records, meticulous bookkeeping, and compliance with regulatory standards. Our bookkeeping experts enable NGOs to maximize their resources, make knowledgeable decisions, and confidently carry out their objectives by providing strategic financial guidance, budget analysis, and grant management.


Partner with Kelly Beck Tax and Accounting to navigate the complex financial landscape and drive positive change in the nonprofit sector.

Our Non-Profit Accounting Services

NGOs accounting can be quite complex. Managing your finances on your own places an unnecessary burden while you’re trying to run a non-profit.

Our team aims to provide NGOs with true value. We are here to help provide you with a strong base to make informed decisions for the future. We’ll act as consultants to help you grow so that you can achieve your goals.

We have worked with a number of NGOs in the Ottawa area to carefully plan and implement strategies. In collaboration with our clients, we ensure that these strategies are made with direct input to ensure everything aligns with their vision.

Our cloud accounting services are made to fit your busy schedule as a NGO. Using secure and trusted software, our expert tax accountants will set up an online profile for you. You’ll be able to access all your financial documents and reports in real time.

We understand that your schedule is busy and coming to our office to pick up documents is easier said than done! With our cloud accounting services, we can continue to help you grow your practice in Ottawa.

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From Filing a Tax Return to Helping Your Business Grow, Beck is Here for You!